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How to Build a Fine Art Collection: Part I

Entering the world of art collecting can be a daunting, if not downright intimidating prospect. Whether you are beginner, or someone who has been admiring original art for quite some time, the thought of purchasing your first painting is enough to stop even the most ardent art fan in their tracks.

Building a fine art collection can be an exciting and satisfying hobby, not only a great way to spend your spare time, but  it can enrich your life on a daily basis by surrounding yourself with images you love that can be enjoyed every day!

Crab Apples

But where does one start? Whose art do you choose? There is really no correct answer….so long as it is something you love. Because at the end of the day, art values will rise and fall, and ultimately you want to be happy with what you have surrounding you in your home or office.

One of the biggest keys to successful collecting is to know what style of art appeals to you,  (this is where the fun begins…), and the only way to discover that is to start looking at art! So make a trip to a museum or to local galleries and begin to really look at the different styles and mediums that are on display.

On display now at Simons Fine Art Gallery is a collection of works by locals artists Robert Allen, Jeff Charlesworth, Robyn Graham, Kay King, Mark McCoy, John Reilly.

Light the Way     11 x 17