Carolyn's Flowers by Jane Ramsey

Simons Fine Art Interview with Watercolor Artist Jane Ramsey

Jane Ramsey has been a favorite artist  and customer of ours since the first day we met her. She graciously accepted our request to share some insight into what inspires her to pick up a paint brush. If you feel like us when you look at her amazing paintings, you may appreciate some of these tidbits!

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Enjoy! ~PL

You are a prolific Bucks County painter with a professional discipline and effortless style. What things are important to you to be able to produce so much work?

I am so blessed to be warmly welcomed by the farming community in Bedminster Township. I have two farms in particular that I spend a lot of time at. Having these “go-to” places is wonderful because I don’t have to spend extra time looking for places to paint. Like old friends, there’s a comfort and familiarity in returning to these farms to paint — I know I can always find inspiration and set up to paint quickly. Often, while painting one scene, I discover another view or see the light from a different time of day and then I remember that for my next visit.

What motivates you to pick a subject?

I am inspired by light and color. Shadows and the play of light capture my attention and that is often what draws me to pick a subject.

Did you always work in watercolor as your primary medium?

Yes, watercolor is my true passion. I love the spontaneity of the medium – there is always an element of surprise in how the paint behaves. I love it! It’s so portable and easy to take anywhere.

Who are the artists that inspire you from the past? And present?

Past artists – Andrew Wyeth, Sargeant, Vuillard, Ranulph Bye.

Present artists – Aaron Cordell, Marc Hanson, Ian Ramsay, Dean Mitchell

If you weren’t an artist, what other work would you pursue?

Most likely early education – I love working with children and both my parents were teachers.

What do you dream of painting that you haven’t painted yet?

On my bucket list is a trip to paint on Monhegan Island – I have always been inspired by work I have seen from artists who paint there.

Carolyn's Flowers by Jane Ramsey

Featured Artist at Simons Fine Art Gallery: Jeffrey Charlesworth


Jeff Charlesworth brings his own impressions of local landscape colors and nature to the canvas.  His oil paintings done directly outdoors (plein air) or in the studio create immediate impressions of light, color, shadow and space.  He finds inspiration in landscapes in the Delaware Valley in all seasons:  from farm fields, woodland creeks or scenes from in his own garden. His work has been shown at the Phillips Mill in New Hope, Pennsylvania; at the Stover Mill Gallery in Erwinna, Pennsylvania; The Philadelphia Sketch Club, and at the Lambertville Historic Society Plein Air Silent Auctions.


A landscape architect by profession and a partner in his own practice Charlesworth Fleischacker Landscape Architects, Jeff translates his eye for color and design into lush four-season gardens.  Their practice specializes in sustainable and regenerative landscape that integrate landscape, nature, and architecture. His design work in residential, school and commercial landscapes has received state and regional awards for landscape architecture, planting and environmental design.  Recent projects have involved designs at a range of scales from an award-winning café in Reading, Pennsylvania, a restored and planted lake slope in eastern Pennsylvania, a lake-edge residence in Nantucket, Veterans Park in Plumstead Township, to a landscape plan for a 300-acre abandoned quarry in northern New Jersey.


Jeff has been active in the local arts community.  He has served on the board of directors and is currently president of Artsbridge, a Delaware Valley artists group.  He also leads New Jersey Urban Sketchers, a group of architects, landscape architects, graphic designers and artistic professionals, in plein air drawing events.

Jeff’s drawings, renderings and sketches illustrate design work for clients, books and magazines.   In addition to professional work as a landscape architect, Jeff teaches design, graphics and planting design at Delaware Valley University and has given a workshop on garden sketching at the Barnes Arboretum in Philadelphia.

Artist’s website:

Charlesworth Fleischacker LLC Landscape Architects:


Returning once again and paired with Mark McCoy, we are excited to share new works by both artists. Please join us for an opening reception on Saturday, September 24, 2016 from 1-4pm. The exhibit “Vibrant Seasons” runs through October 29.

Carolyn's Flowers by Jane Ramsey

“Close to Home” featured artists Jeff Charlesworth and Stafford Ordahl

Simons Fine Art Gallery and Boutique presents “Close to Home”, a collection of new works in oil by Jeffrey Charlesworth and Stafford Ordahl. Please join us for a Meet the Artists reception on Saturday September 19, 1-4 pm. The show will be on exhibit from September 19 through October 31,  located at 122 N Main St, Dublin PA 18917. For more information please call 215-249-9155.

Jeffrey Charlesworth

Artist Jeff Charlesworth brings his own impressions of local landscape colors and nature to the canvas.  His plein air and studio oil paintings reflect his own view of light, color, and spaces.  He finds inspiration in his own garden and in the landscapes of the Delaware Valley year round.  His art work has been seen at the Phillips Mill Juried Show in New Hope, Pennsylvania; at the Simons Gallery, Dublin, PA: at the Stover Mill Gallery in Erwinna, Pennsylvania, New Hope Arts and at juried shows with Artsbridge and the Philadelphia Sketch Club. A landscape architect in his own practice, Charlesworth Fleischacker Landscape Architects, Jeff translates his eye for color and design into lush four-season gardens.  Their practice specializes in sustainable and regenerative landscapes that integrate landscape, architecture and nature.  His work in residential, school and commercial landscapes has received state and regional awards for landscape architecture, planting and environmental design. Jeff’s drawings, renderings and sketches illustrate their designs for clients, books and magazines.

Artist website:

Charlesworth Fleischacker Landscape Architects:

Jeffrey Charlesworth

Stafford Ordahl

Stafford Newell Ordahl was born in North Dakota and began his painting studies at the age of 14 with two Minnesota painters: Charles Running and C. N. Beck. After moving to New York City, Mr. Ordahl studied at the School for the Visual Arts, and privately with two New York painters: Eleanor Beckham and Ilonka Karascz. In addition, Mr. Ordahl studied anatomy for two years at the New Jersey School of Medicine in Jersey City. From 1965 to 1991 Mr. Ordahl worked in the advertising business as a copywriter and group creative director, winning a number of major awards for creativity. Since 1991, he has devoted himself exclusively to painting. Before settling in Bucks County PA in 2002, Mr. Ordahl painted the landscape of upstate New York- as well as interiors, portraits and still life. He now concentrates on the landscape of Bucks County and the surrounding area. Mr. Ordahl has been accepted twice by the juried Phillips Mill show and has won an Honorable Mention in a Lambertville Historical Society show. Ordahl captures the grandeur of the landscape, with majestic sunlit clouds and reflections of the ‘golden hour’.

Stafford Ordahl

Carolyn's Flowers by Jane Ramsey

Simons Fine Art Gallery presents “Visions” featuring artist Jas Szygiel


Chalfont artist Jas Szygiel is re-defining what it means to be a Bucks County artist in his one man show “Visions” on exhibit at Simons Fine Art Gallery in downtown Dublin, PA.

Jas’s sensitive yet powerful paintings, infused with rich dramatic color, capture the splendor of the local landscape, transforming his images into an emotional symphony of atmosphere and beauty.  His classically designed, representational paintings combine the use of subtle light and delicate shadows, to bring the mood of the scene directly to the viewer.

A life-long resident of Bucks County, Jas is a graduate of Hussian School of Art and Arcadia University (BFA), and has taught art at both locations. His works have been awarded regionally and nationally, and are included in the collections of the Port of History Museum, The Franklin Mint, LPGA , The Polish National Alliance, and numerous private collections as well.

We are proud to include this talented artist as part of our ongoing “Featured Artist” events showcasing Bucks County’s fine artists. Please join us for a Meet the Artist reception on April 6, from 12 to 4 pm. The show  will run through May 30 during regular business hours at our gallery located on Rt. 313 in Dublin.


Carolyn's Flowers by Jane Ramsey

“GOLDEN HOUR II” Paintings by featured artist Stafford Newell Ordahl

We are pleased to announce that our featured artist for February will be Stafford Newell Ordahl. Having begun his formal training in fine art at the age of 14 in his home state of  North Dakota, Stafford continued his studies in New York City at the School of Visual Arts.  His education continued privately with two NY painters, Eleanor Beckham, and Ilonka Karascz. He had several shows in NY, as well as Paris during his time in the city. Having relocated to Bucks County in 2002, he has exhibited in both the Phillips Mill and Artsbridge juried shows. His interest in the golden hour, which continues to inspire his work, and is evident in his newer paintings of the local Bucks County landscape. Stafford’s paintings will be on exhibit from February 9 through March 2, 2013.  

Please join us for a ‘Meet the Artist’ reception on Saturday, February 9, noon-5 pm.


Copper Beech by S Ordahl_Oil