Carolyn's Flowers by Jane Ramsey

How to Design Framing for a Picture

We do the designing for you but here is the basic formula: Always design the frame and mat to compliment your picture. Consider the style of the print or painting i.e. formal, rustic, modern, traditional, etc. as well as the color and style of your room. Remember the framing and matting are around the picture, so the artwork (not your furniture) is your first consideration when choosing a style of moulding.

Framing Sample

Look at the colors in the painting and select mat colors that will allow the picture to be the focal point. Almost never use the brightest color to be the top mat as this can overpower the artwork itself. Often neutral colors are your best bet. Use brighter colors underneath as long as they don’t distract your eye from the picture. This allows the finished framing style of your picture to coordinate nicely with the room . Done!