Carolyn's Flowers by Jane Ramsey

Simons Fine Art Interview with Watercolor Artist Jane Ramsey

Jane Ramsey has been a favorite artist  and customer of ours since the first day we met her. She graciously accepted our request to share some insight into what inspires her to pick up a paint brush. If you feel like us when you look at her amazing paintings, you may appreciate some of these tidbits!

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Enjoy! ~PL

You are a prolific Bucks County painter with a professional discipline and effortless style. What things are important to you to be able to produce so much work?

I am so blessed to be warmly welcomed by the farming community in Bedminster Township. I have two farms in particular that I spend a lot of time at. Having these “go-to” places is wonderful because I don’t have to spend extra time looking for places to paint. Like old friends, there’s a comfort and familiarity in returning to these farms to paint — I know I can always find inspiration and set up to paint quickly. Often, while painting one scene, I discover another view or see the light from a different time of day and then I remember that for my next visit.

What motivates you to pick a subject?

I am inspired by light and color. Shadows and the play of light capture my attention and that is often what draws me to pick a subject.

Did you always work in watercolor as your primary medium?

Yes, watercolor is my true passion. I love the spontaneity of the medium – there is always an element of surprise in how the paint behaves. I love it! It’s so portable and easy to take anywhere.

Who are the artists that inspire you from the past? And present?

Past artists – Andrew Wyeth, Sargeant, Vuillard, Ranulph Bye.

Present artists – Aaron Cordell, Marc Hanson, Ian Ramsay, Dean Mitchell

If you weren’t an artist, what other work would you pursue?

Most likely early education – I love working with children and both my parents were teachers.

What do you dream of painting that you haven’t painted yet?

On my bucket list is a trip to paint on Monhegan Island – I have always been inspired by work I have seen from artists who paint there.

Carolyn's Flowers by Jane Ramsey

How to Design Framing for a Picture

We do the designing for you but here is the basic formula: Always design the frame and mat to compliment your picture. Consider the style of the print or painting i.e. formal, rustic, modern, traditional, etc. as well as the color and style of your room. Remember the framing and matting are around the picture, so the artwork (not your furniture) is your first consideration when choosing a style of moulding.

Framing Sample

Look at the colors in the painting and select mat colors that will allow the picture to be the focal point. Almost never use the brightest color to be the top mat as this can overpower the artwork itself. Often neutral colors are your best bet. Use brighter colors underneath as long as they don’t distract your eye from the picture. This allows the finished framing style of your picture to coordinate nicely with the room . Done!

Carolyn's Flowers by Jane Ramsey

What to Frame?

It is very satisfying to have art tastefully framed. Some folks might think a piece of ‘art’ is not worthy of all the trouble and expense. We all have certain items that mean something very special to us. Even though it may not be a collectable master piece or other valuable artifact, it is still worthy of framing if you love it. No need to apologize for it not having any recognizable value to anyone but you! Believe it or not, it becomes elevated aesthetically after being framed. The joyful look on our clients’ faces when they pick up their transformed piece is priceless!

We take pride in giving you what you want and are happy to spend the time it takes to help you design a framing project. We will walk you step by step through the process, reviewing details until you are satisfied with your choice. We take this time so that once you have committed your art or artifact to the expense of design and framing, you will be glad you did it. It will be protected and preserved for years to come.



Carolyn's Flowers by Jane Ramsey

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