Clothing Boutique

boutique-clothingDress to Impress!


We are always on the lookout for unique clothing styles you won’t find anywhere else. We have many creative jacket styles that will complete your outfits. Our selection of designers include Habitat, Aris A, Shennel, Before and Again, Uru, An Ren, Cupcake, and more. One of our most popular accessory items are scarves of which we stock a broad range of style and textures, from fancy to casual. We carry a wide variety of styles in purses which include Baggallini, Mellow World, dressup formal styles and many other everyday bags. Our jewelry and clothing are selected for quality and artistic elements, aimed to help you express your individuality through fashion.

For the unusual gift and all the artistic jewelry inspiration you ever need we can help put together an amazing look from head to toe or accessorize with stand out pieces. Stop in to our boutique and take a look at our two floor boutique.