Custom Framing

We put special emphasis on design when helping you choose the perfect framing for your most cherished keepsakes, or when coordinating art with your home or office. We offer a wide selection of molding at very affordable prices, use only museum quality standards and materials, and all work is done by us on site. We offer many custom design solutions to meet your framing needs and take pride in our quality of craftsmanship. We will gladly guide you step by step through the design process. Our goal is to have you get exactly what you want and produce a smile on your face!

Our specialty custom framing services include:

French Matting

French matting is one line or multiple lines that are drawn with water color or ink on the mat that frames your artwork. When using a single line, a darker color is used. If drawing multiple lines, the one closest to the artwork should be the darkest, and gradually get lighter with each additional line. Also, lines closest to the artwork should be tighter together and get spread further apart as you move away from the image. These elements all draw your eye to the artwork. French lines were frequently used on antique prints, as years ago there were only white mats available. It is popular on photos and prints, but it adds a nice touch to almost any picture, as it draws your eye into the artwork.

Framing textiles

Textiles add something unique to any room. We sew the fabric on the mats, so it can hang freely or we stretch it around acid free backboard, secured with stainless steel pins to fit inside the frame. The technique is reversible using archival materials. We use space maker between the glass and mounting board so that the glass is not resting directly on the fabric. This prevents any moisture from collecting and damaging the needlework.

Cross stitch, embroidery and needlepoint can be framed with or without a mat. If there is a border in the design, you can often forego a mat. To be able to stretch a needlework, there needs to be an allowance on the edges of at least 2 inches. We stretch the needlework over acid free foam core using stainless steel pins. We never glue, so the stretching will be reversible. Additionally, we used a space maker so the needlework does not touch the glass.

Shadow boxes

We can shadowbox almost anything: shirts, jackets, a collage of collectibles, sports memorabilia and medals. Shadow boxes require a deep frame, in which we line the sides with coordinating matting. Depending on what we are framing, we will sew or glue the object taking into consideration museum standards that are appropriate and allow the procedures to be reversed if necessary. We will help you create a cohesive design for the theme with framing and matting selections.

Multi-opening, oval and specialty-cut mats

We will help you design the layout and pick the color mat. Photos collages are often done with multiple openings. Also, sporting event tickets, medals, coins, vintage post cards, etc.


Adding a fillet is another way to accent a piece of artwork in the overall frame design. A fillet is a slim piece of wood moulding that fits against the inside of a mat opening, and gives depth and color to the artwork. They come in wood tones, silver, gold and also colors. Generally, you want to coordinate the fillet to the frame color.

Grouping pictures on a wall

Groupings can become the focal point of any room. To create a grouping, you need at least two things to unify it. For example, those factors could be the mat color, the same style of frame, choosing to use all color or all black and white photographs, or consistent theme of artwork. You don’t have to use the exact same frame, but stay within the same color range, such as all gold, all silver, all walnut, etc. Different profiles will add interest to your grouping, so be creative.

Conservation framing

We use only archival materials and methods to frame artwork. Thus, most mounting methods are reversible (dry-mounting excluded), our mats will not discolor or leave acid burn marks on your art, and we offer a variety of UV protective glazing. Our goal is to protect the integrity of your artwork so you can enjoy your investment for years on end.

Restoration of frames and paintings

We offer a basic range of services in this area. We can clean, touch up, condition, repair tears and varnish paintings. Depending on the extent of damage to a frame, we might suggest repairing it. It is best to bring a piece in for a free assessment and estimate.

Hand-wrapped fabric mats

This is a specialty service we can provide. Depending on the art it is worth the expense. We do carry a line of more economical fabric mats.

Canvas stretching

Yes we stretch canvases. PLease note that we need to have at least a 2″ allowance to be able to wrap it.


This is a permanent method of mounting used for posters and large photographs that you won’t want to ripple inside the frame.


Please enjoy this video illustrating how we join frames using a v-nailer.