Meet George

georgeGeorge…from homeless cat to valued member of the Simons Fine Art Gallery and Boutique staff.
by Yvonne Leathead

On a cold and snowy night in January of 2010, a black and white cat came to our gallery doorstep. He was meowing incessantly for help as he gazed at us through the window. The cat was dirty from huddling in small spaces to keep warm and it was obvious that he was starving.
I said to myself, the last thing I need is another cat as I already had one gallery kitty. Her name is Honey and she is a rather round orange tabby. I love cats and can’t seem to turn one away when it is hungry and homeless.

I was already buying large quantities of cat food for a number of feral cats living around our shop, as there is not much for them to hunt in the winter. It was apparent that this new stray cat had been socialized with people, as he was very friendly and not a bit fearful. I hated to think that someone abandoned him, and left him to suffer from exposure and hunger. We immediately gave the kitty a large meal and put out an insulated box for him to curl up in to keep warm. We took him to the veterinarian, to get neutered and vaccinated, and then we moved him right in. He snuggled right up on one of our coats and made himself at home. Our new furry friend is a rather large black and white fellow with a goatee under his chin and a white dot on the end of his tail. After much thought and observation we decided his name should be George. He seemed please with the name, and sat up very proudly when he heard it, showing his approval. Not long after I moved Honey to my house because George took to guarding both food dishes, not allowing her to eat in peace. We told George this was not appropriate behavior for a gentleman cat, but he had gone hungry for too long. He was certain that the food would run out if he didn’t eat it all. Even after all this time at the shop he still eats like it is his first meal. We have to remind him to watch his waistline!

George has become very dear to us and many of our customers look for him if they don’t see him on entering the store. He loves to greet customers at the door and rolls over to have his rather large tummy scratched. Many times he will follow after them for more love and attention, he also gives his opinion on how to frame art and coordinate fashion. He loves the fashion boutique room and enjoys hiding behind the many scarves and purses. George is a very happy and content fur ball. Quite often he is told how handsome he is and he looks right up at us as if to say, but of course I am. George has found a happy home where he gets tons of love, and food.
Please stop by and see George one of these days on your way though Dublin.

We are on route 313 three properties down from the Dairy Queen if you were coming from Doylestown.