What We Framed Today

Family cutlery used in Civil WarWorking in our custom framing gallery gives us an amazing opportunity to see art and objects of all kinds. It is like being in a museum where people bring their things and stories to us. We have framed everything from very expensive to reclaimed-abandoned art with lots of variety in between.  The most common element of every single piece is the customer’s desire to capture the memory and passion of the piece to give it new life; to transform it into a mark on their own personal timelines that maintains the human connection to the story, to the history that inspires and propels us all forward. It can be a color, texture, design, a mood, a memory, a milestone that rouses one to get an art piece framed, but ultimately its value is connected to something they love and the roots of creativity. It is truly a gift to be witness to this process.  Peg Lynch October 2015

Painted condor feathers from Peru

A Cezanne etching

Hymnal on real hide parchmentShirley's needlepoints


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