“Meet the Artist” Jody Furch

JodyFurchExhibit_SimonsFineArt Gallery_4-11-15

Gazing upon a Jody Furch painting, you will notice a striking element that pulls the whole viewing experience together. Besides the masterful manipulation of the acrylic medium to a create landscape of minute detail- which for all its labor looks effortless, calm, and peaceful- there is within the composition a dynamic focal point, not one of tension, but one that draws you into the painting stirring a curiosity to know what lays just beyond the horizon, as if you were in the scene yourself.

Self taught as a painter, I asked Jody to share his artistic process. As an avid outdoorsman, he takes his inspiration from the special moments he experiences being in nature. He starts with something that moves him, then he lets the idea ruminate for a bit. Drawing elements from actual photographs and the memory of feeling, he goes into his studio of prepared canvases and starts by blocking in color. Then he selects references from his photos, building textures and layering details to transcribe an experience and recapture a feeling from the outdoor experience. Pure color, abstract elements, rocks, water and sky are some of his favorite ingredients for inspiration as are the artists Joseph Turner, Andrew Wyeth and Robert Bateman.

“I’m going to paint that!”, Jody remembers telling his parents as a boy when driving around the New Jersey countryside with them and his brother, his nose pressed against the car window. A retired organic chemist specializing in cancer research, he states, “I paint for the pure love of it”.

“River Valley Landscapes” original paintings by Jody Furch are now on exhibit at Simons Fine Art Gallery and Boutique. You can view them online at Facebook.com/simonsboutiquedublin


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